7 Easy (But Effective) Ways to

EASE, RELIEVE and even STOP Your Period Cramps!

If you are a woman, chances are that menstruation is part and parcel of your life. It is also highly possible that your menstruation comes with much pain and misery.

Many women have been told that having during menses, they have to endure the highly uncomfortable premenstrual syndrome (PMS), of which includes the much dreaded yet unavoidable period cramps.

You may have even come to believe that having period cramps is the norm, while not having them is nothing short of a miracle.

BUT… What if I told you that:

  1. Having period cramps should not be your norm at all.
  2. Having menses should not be a painful event in your life.
  3. Yes, menses may be slightly inconvenient but it need not be painful.

For most of us, all that is needed to ease and relieve the severity of our period cramps is a simple adjustment to our menstrual hygiene habits.

This article is for you if…

If so, read on to find out about the causes of period cramps, symptoms of period cramps and how to relieve, reduce and stop period cramps.

Yes, you deserve to have happy, blissful periods.

Period Cramps - The Causes

Before we dive into the solutions, let us first understand how period cramps occur. Here is period cramps explained briefly.

To put it simply, your body prepares for pregnancy every month. This process is known as menstruation, period, menses, etc.

During your menses,

  1. Your uterus helps to expel its lining via contractions.
  2. These contractions deprives your womb of oxygen.
  3. The deprivation of oxygen causes the tissues in the womb to release chemicals that trigger pain.

Meanwhile, your body produces another chemical known as prostaglandins that encourages stronger contractions, consequently elevating the level of pain.

Reducing prostaglandins can help with the severity of your period cramps.

What causes severe period cramps?

Severe period cramps during your menstruation might have pushed you to take panadols. But have you ever wondered if there are deeper issues causing your period cramps to hurt so bad? Below are some possibilities.

1. Bacterial Infection

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) occurs when a woman’s reproductive organs are inflamed due to bacterial infection.

2. Unwanted growths 

  • Endometriosis happens when endometrial tissues grow outside the uterus.
  • Adenomyosis happens when endometrial tissues grow into the uterus’ muscle.
  • Fibroids are non-cancerous growths in the uterus wall.

3. Biological

  • Closed Cervix aka cervical stenosis happens when the opening of the cervix is narrow enough to impede menstrual flow.

4. Hormone Imbalance

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormone disorder that can result in infertility. 
  • Fibroids have also been linked to hormonal imbalances.

How to EASE, RELIEVE and even STOP your period cramps?

The fastest period cramps treatment you can do at home to gain quick relief from them will be to take anti-inflammatory painkillers such as ibuprofen and aspirin as they can reduce prostaglandins.

However, we discourage the constant usage of these drugs as there are side effects associated with them. That said, should the situation calls for it, ingest them with caution as they may not be suitable for you especially if you have medical conditions.

Instead of turning to painkillers to relieve your period cramps, why not consider the 7 methods listed below.

The 7 methods we have listed generally revolve around

  1. Lowering the possibility of you contracting medical issues
  2. Inhibiting prostaglandins
  3. Reducing inflammation
  4. Improving blood circulation
  5. Relieving tension


1. Regular exercise

is a well known way to reduce period cramps.

A clinical trial study in 2015 showed that doing 30min of cardiovascular exercise 3 times per week significantly reduced the severity of period cramps. The study was conducted over eight weeks.

So, if you are not a fitness junkie, a daily brisk walk to get your blood flowing will be a good start.

On top of it, if you are having your menses and experiencing bad period cramps, light exercises such as walking will help.

2. Managing Your Stress

helps you with your period cramps too! Relaxation activities such as breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation can bring your stress level down.

3. Immersing Yourself in Negative Ions

can promote antimicrobial activities. This in turn helps prevent bacterial infections which can cause severe period cramps.

A 2018 study found evidence that negative ions can help reduce stress, boost immune functions and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. The study noted that negative oxygen ion concentration has to exceed 1000ions/cm3 to boost your immune system.

Sources of negative ions include UV rays from the sun, waterfalls, and consumer products infused with them.

Click here to find out more about pads infused with negative ions.

4. Applying Heat Pad to Your Abdomen or Back

can sometimes be as effective as painkillers for relieving menstrual cramps. The heat relaxes the muscles contributing to your period cramps and improves your blood circulation.

5. Healthy Diet

affects your health, and most definitely affects the severity of your period cramps. Diet consists of the fluids, foods, and supplements you take.

Long story short, avoid caffeine, skip alcohol, drink more water, ingest more fish, crunch more nuts, and chew those vegetables.

Should you be still be having period cramps during your menstrual cycle, try these foods in addition to the above diet – bananas, lemons, dark chocolates, chamomile tea.

That said, do eat everything in moderation as an excess of anything can be harmful to you.

6. Stop Engaging in Vaginal Douching

as the act has been linked to many adverse outcomes which result in severe menstrual cramps. Many women douche to treat bad odor, itch and rash.

But this usually proves to be counter-productive.

A 2008 study shows that douching has been associated with a variety of medical conditions – bacterial vaginosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, cervical cancer, etc.

Severe period cramps usually serve as a symptom of bigger underlying medical conditions. In a way, it is your body’s way of warning you.

7. Far Infrared

can relieve your period cramps based on a study in 2012.

It does so by improving your blood circulation, increasing your abdominal temperature, and relaxing your muscles.

Also, the study found that far infrared inhibits prostaglandin, which can directly reduce the severity of your period cramps, thereby providing you with immediate relief.

A Simple Solution...

Introducing Alchemy pads and liners!

If you are having menstrual problems such as period cramps, infections, itch, rashes, bad odor,

Alchemy may just be the right solution for you .

Our sanitary pads and pantyliners are integrated with modern technology to solve menstrual problems.

For instance, Alchemy sanitary pads and pantyliners are infused with negative ions and far infrared to help relieve your period cramps.

In addition to that, nanosilver is also used to ensure that you steer clear of infections. Below are some testimonies given by Alchemy users.


but your period cramps are still unbearable, we seriously recommend that you make an appointment with a gynecologist and get a pap smear done as soon as possible.

Severe menstrual cramps can be a sign of a more serious medical condition and your well-being is too precious to let it go undetected.

Alchemy sincerely hopes you have benefited from this article and have transformed menstrual agony into menstrual bliss.

Be Transformed. Period.

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, having period cramps is normal during menses. However, having severe menstrual cramps during  period may indicate deeper issues.

Period cramps usually happen during your menses and they happen due to contractions. Read more about it here.  

The general recommendation is to improve your blood circulation, relieve tensions and rid yourself of possible underlying medical issues. Specifics methods include regular exercise, preventing bacterial growth, maintaining a healthy diet and etc.

If you have been experiencing period cramps getting worse with each menstrual cycle, chances are there are underlying medical issues, possibly urinary tract infection, growths such as cysts and fibroids, and etc.

Most definitely. We have seen women recovering from them and they have given personal testimonies of how they resolved it. 

If you have any other questions, you can contact us via
1. WhatsApp
2. Email su*****@al**********.com
3. Drop us a message here.

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    Learn how to prevent and reduce menstrual issues such as period cramps, UTI and foul smell through your choice of menstrual products.

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      Learn how to prevent and reduce menstrual issues such as period cramps, UTI and foul smell through your choice of menstrual products.