Product FAQ

We have specially curated and imported Super Absorbent Polymers from Japan to achieve extremely effective absorption of menstrual fluids. After the menstrual fluids are absorbed, they are locked in the sanitary pads in the form of gel to prevent any form of leakage.

Should there still be any leakage, it is most likely due to the presence of multiple massive blood clots. The good piece of news is that Alchemy sanitary pads and panty liners will aid in cleansing your womb. After using it for a period of time, the blood clots will reduce in both size and quantity.

If you are looking for longer sanitary pads, you can choose our Night Pads.

Yes, we have received feedbacks from women cutting down on their Panadols’ intake after using our sanitary day pads and night pads. In fact, we recommend users, who have extremely bad cramps, to use our panty liners before their period to further alleviate the menstrual pain when it comes.

Yes. We have several testimonies stating that their UTI has been resolved after wearing the sanitary pads. Basically the pads have been tested to be extremely effective in killing bacteria (Staph A. and E.Coli) that cause UTI.

If you have been getting severe UTI, we recommend that you start with our panty liners before your period begins.

The first and most obvious sign you will notice is the dissipation of bad odor. You will also experience an alleviation from itch and rash.

The relief of menstrual cramps and infections can only be seen after using Alchemy products over a period of time – Approximately 3-6months, time varies due to the difference in our physiologies, lifestyles and usage frequency.

Some of you may also notice increased discharge during your first 1-3 months of usage due to negative ions cleansing your womb. To smoothen the cleansing process, use Alchemy pantyliners daily before your period comes.

Panty Liners: 155mm | 30pcs per pack
Day Sanitary Pads: 245mm | 10pcs per pack
Night Sanitary Pads: 290mm | 8pcs per pack

Unlike most brands in the market, Alchemy sanitary pads  and panty liners are made with the absence of bleach, scents and harmful chemicals that can cause irritations, create hormonal imbalance or contain carcinogens.

To ensure your safety and well being, Alchemy sanitary pads and panty liners have undergone stringent laboratory tests conducted TUV SUD PSB Singapore and have proven to conform to the safety standards in Singapore.

Nope. We do not add scents and herbs into our sanitary pads and panty liners as they may disrupt the pH balance of our vagina, uterus and womb. This usually results in women suffering more menstrual issues, which may escalate into bigger health issues.

Instead of adding scents and herbs, Alchemy sanitary pads and panty liners are equipped with the ability to effectively eradicate bacteria and fungus that cause bad odor, infections and other discomforts.

Unfortunately for us ladies, there is no law mandating the labelling of expiry dates on sanitary pads and panty liners.

However, that does not mean that they do not expire. In fact, once a pad is past a certain period, the chances of bacteria and fungus growing on it increases.

Alchemy sanitary pads believe in the labelling of expiry dates to ensure your health and safety, hence, all our products have their expiry dates clearly. labelled on the packaging.

Subscription FAQ

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Should there be any changes, you can always edit it in in My Account.

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