…the comfort I get in using it matches no other… I have endometriosis and using the Alchemy pads had been really easing on my cramps…

Sunariati Sonario

…truly thankful to Alchemy’s introduction. I have no more severe menses cramps since I started using Alchemy’s product daily. I sincerely can feel it internally…

Zaleha Mohamed

…I love the Alchemy night pad as I do not have to worry anymore about staining my sheets and pants during heavy days…

Ke Caiyun

When I use Alchemy sanitary pads, I feel more comfortable as it absorbs blood fast.

Ye Sheng Nan

Alchemy sanitary pads and panty liners make me feel comfortable and at ease.

Seow Hui Lin Angela

…Alchemy’s service is fast and prompt.
Compared to other products, Alchemy menstrual pads are drier and have less odour.
After giving them feedback about the…


Alchemy menstrual pads are thin and good! Keep us clean and dry all day! Thumbs up! 😉


…Now, there are 2 less reasons to why I disliked it (having period). I was really surprised, but the smell really isn’t there…


…of being aware. I chose Alchemy’s products to be part of both my life and my family’s lives. With Alchemy, we feel secure and relieved…


Using Alchemy’s menstrual pads has done wonders for me. I feel comfortable using the sanitary pads, especially on heavy days. I’ve recommended to some of my friends.