Experience the





Experience the





Get a taste of the blissful period you deserve with Alchemy Trial Set


If you experienced these common

Period Agonies

You probably tried these

Inadequate Measures

BUT... They still did not work.

Your periods are still agonizing

and you are not alone.

What if simply using Alchemy pads is the key to your period bliss?
Sounds too simple?
Experience it for yourself.



At Alchemy, we are on a mission to help women transform their period experience from painful to blissful. Our innovative pads target the root cause of menstrual issues so that you can enjoy a more comfortable and hassle-free period, also known as period bliss.

You get to

say goodbye to these menstrual agonies

Your period. Your choice.

We invite you to become the alchemist of a blissful and easy period, transforming menstrual agonies into menstrual bliss.

So Much Safer

Alchemy only uses top quality medical-grade materials to keep your most intimate parts safer. You will experience:

So Much Cleaner

Do you know that most menstrual agonies are a result of excessive bacterial growth?

Alchemy sanitary pads and panty liners are the FIRST & ONLY ones in Singapore tested and proven to eliminate >99.99% of bacteria and fungus within minutes!

So Much Better.

Lives for Alchemy-nistas are blissful when they experience the protection Alchemy provides, keeping them safer and happier all-day, everyday. Your life too can be so much better!


highest quality

of pads

At our core, we prioritize the quality of our pads. We ensure that they are of the highest standards to give you the periods you deserve. Our Bliss+ technology effectively tackles period issues, enabling you to enjoy blissful periods all day, every day.

The Alchemy Advantage

The only pads and liners you need.

Alchemy Pads and Liners

Regular Pads and Liners

Scented Pads and Liners

Kill >99.99% of bacteria and fungus within minutes

Balances your hormones

Eliminate bad odour

Non-toxic materials

Ultra safe & sterile packaging

Super absorbent
(Sanitary Pads)





"Ever since I started using Alchemy, my period shortened from 7 days to 5 days. No more cramps and heavy clotting too! No more itch, foul smell and thick discharge on my normal days too. I feel fresher and healthier!"
Uva Jothi
“Before Alchemy, my period was extremely heavy. Despite changing pads often, my skin gets irritated. After using Alchemy', I no longer get irritations and my 2-weeks long period has been shortened
"I started using Alchemy pads and was pleased with the results. They are comfortable to wear and help prevent leakages during heavy days. They reduced the bad period cramps and odor I used to experience."
Ho May Yi

Alchemy Trial Set Special Offer

18 pads free

That is 6 day pads, 2 night pads and 10 liners to get you started. Receive a coupon code to redeem pads worth $13.70.

period bliss

Keep experiencing period bliss with a discounted offer. After your trial, we'll send you a one-time deal on Alchemy products.

Your Period
Your Way

Pick and choose what pads you want. You decide the combination that suits you best. Have blissful periods your way.

Start your trial and experience periods like never before with Alchemy pads.


Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Alchemy is a local startup based in Singapore since 2011.

6 Pieces of Day Sanitary Pads
2 Pieces of Night Sanitary Pads
10 Pieces of Panty Liners

Alchemy day and nights pads come with wings. Our panty liners have no wings.

Day Sanitary Pads: 245mm
Night Sanitary Pads: 290mm
Panty Liners: 155mm

Nope. We do not add scents and herbs into our sanitary pads and panty liners as they may disrupt the pH balance of our vagina, uterus and womb. This usually results in women suffering more menstrual issues, which may escalate into bigger health issues.

Instead of adding scents and herbs, Alchemy Bliss+ technology effectively kill 99.99% of bacteria and fungus, thereby diminishing bad odor, infections and other discomforts.

Change your pads every 3-4 hours and more frequently during heavy days.

To see obvious improvements in your period experience, use only Alchemy pads for at least 3 months.

Our Trial Set Offer will be mailed to you via Singpost. It usually takes 2-5 working days to reach you.

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