Anabelle Chong's Testimony

A personal review of Alchemy sanitary pads

Seow Hui Lin Angela

…Alchemy’s service is fast and prompt.
Compared to other products, Alchemy menstrual pads are drier and have less odour.
After giving them feedback about the…

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…For the past 15 years, I had very bad stomach-aches during my menses days. Upon using this pad, I’ve not had the stomach-aches at all…

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…the comfort I get in using it matches no other… I have endometriosis and using the Alchemy pads had been really easing on my cramps…

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Lim Yin Wey

…Alchemy provides comfort and reassurance for me… Whatever I do, wherever I go, whenever and I will always feel confident and secure…

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Suzlyn Ho

…Amazing sanitary napkins that can help reduce period pain, mood swings, skin irritations and bloating. It keeps you dry, fresh and comfortable as well. It…

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“…wonderful service…”

Before using Alchemy, I never knew that there was such a thing as an expiry date for sanitary pads. I was sold when I first tried on Alchemy sanitary pad.

Not only are the pads packaged in a hygienic wrapping with a resealable seal, Alchemy sanitary pads can hold a greater amount of liquid compared to other brands of sanitary pads.

Alchemy changed my menstrual experience as it not only has negative ions that helps to discharge and makes me feel “”cleaner””, it also helped a bit to ease my terrible menstrual cramps monthly.

The other best thing? You don’t feel like you’re wearing a pad at all when using Alchemy.

Alchemy’s customer service is good and has a personal touch. I once contacted Alchemy about a slight problem with the pack of panty liners I got, and they sent me a new pack shortly.

Thank you Alchemy for the wonderful service and making my monthly experience a better one!

- Anabelle Chong