Choo Cheng's Testimony

A personal review of Alchemy sanitary pads


…After wearing it daily for 2 weeks, the condition seemed to be improving as it doesn’t smell when she goes to the toilet. On top…

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Zaleha Mohamed

…I love the Alchemy night pad as I do not have to worry anymore about staining my sheets and pants during heavy days…

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…No more cramps or heavy clotting too! There is no more itchiness, foul smell and thick discharge during my normal days too. I feel fresher…

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Nor Hasima Daroos

…my discharge colour is no longer yellowish and brown. I don’t get the period cramps, which I used to get every month, so often now…

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Tay Meng Hwei

…my period cramps weren’t as bad as before. I did not need to take the menstrual panadol at all. Believe it or not, my menstrual..

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“…Alchemy products works…”

Be transformed. Period.

Alchemy products have proven its value. Nothing beats comfort during any woman’s monthly affair.

No more agony and I am truly transformed. I am glad to be using Alchemy sanitary pads and liners everyday and I trust that using it will do me good.

Alchemy product works and one got to try to believe it.

- Choo Cheng