Jessica Woo's Testimony

A personal review of Alchemy sanitary pads

Ho May Yi

…help prevent leakage during my heavy flow days. Secondly, they reduced the bad period cramps I experienced in the past. Thirdly, I noticed less odor…

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Jiang Pei Qin

…Before I started using Alchemy sanitary pads and panty liners, I used to suffer from constant itch on my lower body. Despite going to the…

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Nurul Ain

…with the positive changes it has made to my menstrual cycle. I am no longer suffering from days of period cramps and my menses has…

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…see the need to take Panadol. Secondly, 1 pad was more than enough at one time. Continuous usage of Alchemy solved all my other problems…

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Choo Cheng

…proven its value. Nothing beats comfort during any woman’s monthly affair. No more agony… Alchemy products works and one got to try to believe it…

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Seow Hui Lin Angela

…Alchemy’s service is fast and prompt.
Compared to other products, Alchemy menstrual pads are drier and have less odour.
After giving them feedback about the…

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“…no leakage problems…”

I will say Alchemy sanitary pads are products with quality.

Alchemy sanitary pads have proved no leakage for me.

I loved Alchemy sanitary pads and panty liners and will recommend them to others.

- Jessica Woo