Kok Siok Hoon's Testimony

A personal review of Alchemy sanitary pads


Alchemy menstrual pads are thin and good! Keep us clean and dry all day! Thumbs up! 😉

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Norsiah Ab Wahab

…Using Alchemy has reduced my cramps during the month. Best of all, the pad stays dry and there is no hassle of mobility. As my…

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Eileen Tan

…I no longer need to suffer painful period cramps. Little did I know that I would become a faithful user of Alchemy pads. It has…

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Uva Jothi

…sweat and even vomit whenever I had my period. I got very upset thinking that I am going to suffer this way throughout my life…

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…see the need to take Panadol. Secondly, 1 pad was more than enough at one time. Continuous usage of Alchemy solved all my other problems…

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Fanelle Chua

…I have been using these Alchemy sanitary pads and liners for 6months. Alchemy products are very good quality product in terms of hygiene…

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“…condition improved tremendously…”

I used to lots of white discharge and have tried numerous brands of panty liners for a long, long time. Several visits were also made to my Gynae but my condition didn’t seem to improve till my friend Lay Peng recommended me Alchemy products.

After using Alchemy panty liners for less than 10 days, my condition improved tremendously. Thanks you Alchemy! I will continue using it and recommend it to my friends.

- Kok Siok Hoon