Laximi's Testimony

A personal review of Alchemy sanitary pads

Stephanie Ng

…I used to have very bad cramps on the first day of my period. It affected me so badly that at times I would be…

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Jiang Pei Qin

…Before I started using Alchemy sanitary pads and panty liners, I used to suffer from constant itch on my lower body. Despite going to the…

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Choo Cheng

…proven its value. Nothing beats comfort during any woman’s monthly affair. No more agony… Alchemy products works and one got to try to believe it…

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…For the past 15 years, I had very bad stomach-aches during my menses days. Upon using this pad, I’ve not had the stomach-aches at all…

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Using Alchemy’s menstrual pads has done wonders for me. I feel comfortable using the sanitary pads, especially on heavy days. I’ve recommended to some of my friends.

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Zaleha Mohamed

…I love the Alchemy night pad as I do not have to worry anymore about staining my sheets and pants during heavy days…

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“…problems were solved…”

My Appreciation and Gratitude towards the using of Alchemy. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

ALCHEMY (HELP ME). That’s how I use to remember this product when I initially started using it. And as the word speaks for itself, it really Helped Me! I remember clearly reading this brochure and immediately thought of my staff’s health issues all being ladies who are teaching at preschool.

All I wanted is my staff to listen to GOOD information and help themselves. I contacted the person‐in‐charge and fixed a day. I was not there as I was busy having meetings.

After the Talk I heard from my staff who attended that the product introduced were good and information given was great. I ordered ALCHEMY and used it without knowing the value behind it, “”Unwavering belief in the unknown product””.

Goodness gracious me… I could not believe it myself!

Usually during my menstruation, firstly I had to take at least 6 panadols a day to control the pain. Secondly, I needed to wear two pads one top of the other as there was a strong flow and it was all over. Thirdly the flushes and lumps of clots that came out was unbearable.

And lastly ever since I had my son 19 years back, every time after the 14th day from my first day of my last menses I would get this horrible pain in my tummy and I would basically roll in my bed crying for help. I was told by a doctor it was my fertile time and women do feel such pain. I tolerated this pain for the past 19 years.

The first help upon using Alchemy was I did not see the need to take Panadol. Secondly, 1 pad was more than enough at one time. Continuous usage of Alchemy solved all my other problems as well.

After my first and second problems were solved in the first month using Alchemy I went to attend the Talk in one of my other centres. I understood what Elisabeth only desire was, basically she wanted to help woman like me.

I cried after her talk and gave her a big hug, of course she deserved more than a hug. Ever since then I have introduced Alchemy and their Talks to many of my friends and family members and they too have lots of good things to say about Alchemy.

I sincerely thank Elisabeth and Lionel for their dedication for wanting to help us.

I feel much appreciation and gratitude towards Alchemy. Thank you Alchemy for HELPING ME.

- Laximi