Norsiah Ab Wahab's Testimony

A personal review of Alchemy sanitary pads

Uva Jothi

…sweat and even vomit whenever I had my period. I got very upset thinking that I am going to suffer this way throughout my life…

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…After wearing it daily for 2 weeks, the condition seemed to be improving as it doesn’t smell when she goes to the toilet. On top…

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…of being aware. I chose Alchemy’s products to be part of both my life and my family’s lives. With Alchemy, we feel secure and relieved…

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Using Alchemy’s menstrual pads has done wonders for me. I feel comfortable using the sanitary pads, especially on heavy days. I’ve recommended to some of my friends.

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Kok Siok Hoon

…Several visits were also made to my Gynae but my condition didn’t seem to improve till my friend Lay Peng recommended me Alchemy products…

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“…reduced my cramps…”

Using Alchemy has reduced my cramps during the month. Best of all, the pad stays dry and there is no hassle of mobility.

As my profession is a preschool educator, I need to be on the move always to keep up with the children hence my reason to stay with Alchemy. ☺

- Norsiah Ab Wahab