Pye Phyo Khin's Testimony

A personal review of Alchemy sanitary pads


…After wearing it daily for 2 weeks, the condition seemed to be improving as it doesn’t smell when she goes to the toilet. On top…

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Jessica Woo

…I will say Alchemy sanitary pads are products with quality. Alchemy sanitary pads have proved no leakage for me. I loved Alchemy sanitary pads and…

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Serene Lai

…No more blood leakage problems during my period! I feel comfortable and I like the green piece (negative ions – one of Alchemy’s anti-bacterial technology)…

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Suzlyn Ho

…Amazing sanitary napkins that can help reduce period pain, mood swings, skin irritations and bloating. It keeps you dry, fresh and comfortable as well. It…

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Beth Lee

…Health speaks volume and that’s why I love Alchemy. They care about women’s health. I am one very lucky lady to know and use Alchemy…

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…No more cramps or heavy clotting too! There is no more itchiness, foul smell and thick discharge during my normal days too. I feel fresher…

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“…I can prevent vaginal cancer…”

I knew Alchemy from one of the health talk at my previous company (PEC).

Before the talk, I didn’t know about vaginal cancer and one possible cause is from prolonged misuse of unhygienic sanitary pads.

I now know that I can prevent vaginal cancer by using Alchemy’s products.

- Pye Phyo Khin