Serene Lai's Testimony

A personal review of Alchemy sanitary pads

Pye Phyo Khin

…ALCHEMY brand is the most preferable brand that I am using till now. ALCHEMY’s products really changed my… Strongly recommended to use Alchemy pads immediately…

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Lim Yin Wey

…Alchemy provides comfort and reassurance for me… Whatever I do, wherever I go, whenever and I will always feel confident and secure…

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…of being aware. I chose Alchemy’s products to be part of both my life and my family’s lives. With Alchemy, we feel secure and relieved…

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Sunariati Sonario

…truly thankful to Alchemy’s introduction. I have no more severe menses cramps since I started using Alchemy’s product daily. I sincerely can feel it internally…

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Suzlyn Ho

…Amazing sanitary napkins that can help reduce period pain, mood swings, skin irritations and bloating. It keeps you dry, fresh and comfortable as well. It…

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Beth Lee

…Health speaks volume and that’s why I love Alchemy. They care about women’s health. I am one very lucky lady to know and use Alchemy…

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“…no more blood leaking problem…”

Alchemy pad gives me 3 excellent experiences in my life.

1) Excellent service – door to door delivery without additional charges and the friendly Alchemy staff always make me feel happiness.

2) Excellent packing ‐ for me, it is branded pad in market, the packing is very grand especially to using aluminum material to cover the pads, I like the all black packing design!

3) Excellent product – no more blood leaking problem during my period!

I feel comfortable and I like the green piece on the pad (negative ions) very much!

I will continue to use Alchemy products and recommend to all my family and friends!

- Serene Lai