Siti Suriana Bte Md Daly's Testimony

A personal review of Alchemy sanitary pads

Josephine Tan

…I always encountered heavy menses on the 2nd day and it will definitely overflow into my panty. I have tried other sanitary pad brands. But…

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…ALCHEMY brand is the most preferable brand that I am using till now. ALCHEMY’s products really changed my… Strongly recommended to use Alchemy pads immediately…

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Angela Lee

…Bye Bye dampness! Bye Bye itchiness! Bye Bye rashes! I am really thankful towards Alchemy products as they have reduced most of the common women…

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Nor Hasima Daroos

…my discharge colour is no longer yellowish and brown. I don’t get the period cramps, which I used to get every month, so often now…

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Anabelle Chong

…the pads packaged in a hygienic wrapping with a resealable seal, Alchemy sanitary pads can hold a greater amount of liquid compared to other brands…

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“…don’t suffer menstruation cramps…”

During my period, I used to have very bad cramps and long days of menstruation cycle.

After using Alchemy’s period products, I don’t suffer from menstruation cramps as I use Alchemy’s panty liners as a normal everyday padding.

My menses cycles are now shorter too.

Thank you Alchemy!

- Siti Suriana Bte Md Daly