Stephanie Ng's Testimony

A personal review of Alchemy sanitary pads

Brenda Tan

…products has helped me as to remove any stench from my menses.
Alchemy’s products are comfortable to use and I use both liners and pads regularly…

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Eileen Tan

…I no longer need to suffer painful period cramps. Little did I know that I would become a faithful user of Alchemy pads. It has…

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Chong Baoli

I noticed that after using Alchemy’s sanitary products, I experienced lesser yellowish discharge. I also felt that my flow is less compared to the past.

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Grace Tay M.H.

…of my menses in the past. After using Alchemy, no more itchiness. I can feel the difference from the usual departmental brands.
Alchemy is the best…

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Suzlyn Ho

…Amazing sanitary napkins that can help reduce period pain, mood swings, skin irritations and bloating. It keeps you dry, fresh and comfortable as well. It…

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…my period cramps weren’t as bad as before. I did not need to take the menstrual panadol at all. Believe it or not, my menstrual..

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“…cramps were greatly reduced…”

After using Alchemy pads, I found that the number of my menstrual days has been shortened. This is of great convenience to me.

I used to have very bad cramps on the first day of my period. It affected me so badly that at times I would be unable to get out of bed. In addition, I experienced very heavy flow.

After switching to Alchemy sanitary pads, the cramps were greatly reduced. I rarely need to take Panadol to ease my menstrual cramps anymore.

Thanks Alchemy!

- Stephanie Ng