Suzlyn Ho's Testimony

A personal review of Alchemy sanitary pads

Siti Nurulhasyiqin

…my discharge colour is no longer yellowish and brown. I don’t get that period cramps that I get every month so often now…thank you…

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Nor Hasima Daroos

…my discharge colour is no longer yellowish and brown. I don’t get the period cramps, which I used to get every month, so often now…

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Choo Cheng

…proven its value. Nothing beats comfort during any woman’s monthly affair. No more agony… Alchemy products works and one got to try to believe it…

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Pye Phyo Khin

…ALCHEMY brand is the most preferable brand that I am using till now. ALCHEMY’s products really changed my… Strongly recommended to use Alchemy pads immediately…

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Grace Tay M.H.

…of my menses in the past. After using Alchemy, no more itchiness. I can feel the difference from the usual departmental brands.
Alchemy is the best…

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…No more cramps or heavy clotting too! There is no more itchiness, foul smell and thick discharge during my normal days too. I feel fresher…

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“…relieves bloated stomach and itch…”

Amazing sanitary napkins that can help reduce period pain, mood swings, skin irritations and bloating. It keeps you dry, fresh and comfortable as well.

It acts as a detoxification agent, is antibacterial, and removes blood clots from my uterus. It also relieves bloated stomach and itch. I have been using it for coming 1 year and still feeling great after using it.

- Suzlyn Ho