Kavitha's Testimony

A personal review of Alchemy sanitary pads

Zaleha Mohamed

…I love the Alchemy night pad as I do not have to worry anymore about staining my sheets and pants during heavy days…

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Kok Siok Hoon

…Several visits were also made to my Gynae but my condition didn’t seem to improve till my friend Lay Peng recommended me Alchemy products…

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Fanelle Chua

…I have been using these Alchemy sanitary pads and liners for 6months. Alchemy products are very good quality product in terms of hygiene…

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Norsiah Ab Wahab

…Using Alchemy has reduced my cramps during the month. Best of all, the pad stays dry and there is no hassle of mobility. As my…

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Josephine Tan

…I always encountered heavy menses on the 2nd day and it will definitely overflow into my panty. I have tried other sanitary pad brands. But…

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Karenina Golez-UY

…Now, I do not get irritations and my 2 weeks long period has been shortened. I am grateful not only for discovering Alchemy, but also…

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“…easing on my cramps…”

I am truly thankful to Alchemy’s introduction.

I’ve been using Alchemy pads since it’s beginning in 2011. Over the years, my flow of period has reduced tremendously and the comfort I get in using it matches no other. I don’t have clots of blood at all.

I have endometriosis and using the Alchemy pads had been really easing on my cramps. I’ve moved to Australia and I was thrilled to know there was a supplier there for me to purchase my stock.

I thank my friend who first introduced it to me. It’s been a life saver for me

- Kavitha